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Recent blog posts

Protecting Your Laptop Screen

More and more we are receiving laptops for Laptop Screen repair. Often times the screen is physically damaged from being dropped, stepped on or being handled in an awkward manner. Here are a few tips to lower the chance of damaging your laptop screen.
1. Always know where your connection cables are!
Power cords, USB cables, Mice and other lines dangling from your laptop are a tripping hazard. Using Velcro zip ties for temporary cable management is ideal, but using something as simple as a garbage bag wire tie is just as effective. This 5 cent fix could save you a lot of money and grief.
2. NEVER carry your laptop by the screen.
When picking up your laptop, always pick the system up from the bottom. Use both hands to carry your laptop from the base where the keyboard is located. Lifting your laptop by the display screen is not only bad for the screen, but can damage the hinges that hold the screen firmly in place.
3. Double check before you close the lid.
A pencil, headphone ear bud, or any other small firm artifact resting on the keyboard/palm rest can be the death of a laptop screen. It only takes closing the lid once to find yourself with that lovely display full of shattered pixels.
4. Nothing on the lid.
Never place anything heavier than a sheet of paper on top of your laptop lid. When the lid is closed, there is still a chance of damaging the display. Heavy objects on top of a closed laptop can lead to bent and broken laptop display screens.
Too late? Already have a broken laptop screen? That’s ok, we can fix that. Send it to the pros at Kinetisys.

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Want to cut the cable bill out of your monthly dues?

Get a Roku3. Roku3 has the ability to provide high quality streaming media from most of the major streaming media services. They also provide a library of other excellent streaming services you may not have heard of. Play games, stream media, view family photos, videos and more. Roku3 has the power, speed, quality and library of applications for any type of user.
Not sure where to get one, or even where to start? Contact the pros at Kinetisys!

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What is "Search Engine Optimization" SEO

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. It is the process of increasing the amount of visitors to a website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine “natural” (or un-paid). Adjustments can be as small as simple text edits throughout the content of your site, to major design changes that help browsers and Search Engines better understand the messages you are trying to communicate. The changes will in turn, generate more traffic to your site. The term “Organic Traffic” is often used when referring to SEO. Organic Traffic is generated through the Search Engines non-paid for listings. Typically the results fall below advertisements paid for by businesses. Organic results are a must, as you do not pay for the result per click.
So why do you need SEO? If you are currently considering or are actively paying for advertising space on search engine result pages (Pay Per Click), you need SEO. Paying for clicks turns immediate results and can generate traffic to your website, but at a premium cost. SEO is a slower, long term commitment that warrants results over time but at a much lower cost. If you balance your online advertising campaigns with the proper SEO campaign, you will maximize your results and optimize your budget. Want to know more? Interested in have your website optimized for SEO? Contact the pros @ Kinetisys

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Conserve the life of your laptop battery


Often times you will be working on an important project, going to meet a deadline, and that annoying dialog box pops up. “Warning, You Need To Plug In Your Laptop”. We’ve all been there. Well, what do you do, if you don’t have an outlet, or you can’t find your charger? Here’s some useful tips to make sure you get the most of your batteries life. Especially when it comes down to those crunch time moments.
1. First and foremost, and probably the easiest way to conserver your battery’s life; Dim the display screen. Bringing down the brightness of your display will easily increase your batteries life, and probably help your eyes out as well.
2. Change your power settings. There are options available, located on the power icon next to your clock. These options allow you to tell your computer when to hibernate or shut of the screen when the laptop is plugged in or not. Adjust accordingly and enjoy the extended life of your battery.
3. Background programs take up valuable resources on your system, but also impact the life of your battery. Want to get the most life, turn off those background programs. The same can be said for Bluetooth and wireless settings. If they are not being used, turn them off.
Have more questions? Want to know more? Contact the pros @ Kinetisys

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